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Sunday, April 3, 2011


by H.T. Narea - to be released May 2011

In this near-future thriller, Narea takes us on a journey of Islamic terrorists plotting numerous assaults on the United States and the West with the use of dirty bombs in an attempt to change global economics forever. Frighteningly realistic, THE FUND follows the money trail of funding for these assaults. 

Kate Molares, a U.S. Defense intelligence operative, is assigned to follow the money.  Kate is working with all of her government contacts to piece together what the large money exchanges represent, trying to discover how the money is being used. Using her resources, she stumbles upon a serum being tested in Cuba that's designed to create super warriors willing to die for their causes. 

Molares is reunited with her college lover, Nebibi Hasehm, neither realizing just how much on opposite sides they are.  Hasehm is on a quest to create an Islamic money fund that will provide the necessary funding for the terrorists' plans.  The countries backing these terrorist acts include Cuba and Venezuela, as well as Muslim extremists. 

In this race against time, Narea's sweeping novel keeps the reader on the edge of the seat wondering if all of the pieces of this puzzle will fit together before the world is changed forever.  Intricate and exciting, THE FUND is going to be the beach read of 2011!

ISBN 978-0-7653-2890-8 464 pages

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