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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


by J.A. Jance - available in hardcover and as an eBook

Ali Reynolds is in the middle of her Arizona Police Academy training course when she's visited by an old friend.  Ali and Brenda Riley were both TV news anchors before being considered too old for their respective slots.

Ali is more than surprised to see the condition Brenda's life is in.  She's not only an alcoholic but has lost everything and is living out of her car.  She wants Ali's help to locate her fiance, Richard Lattimer.   The problem is that Brenda has never met Richard and doesn't even know what he looks like.

With the help of her boyfriend's computer expert, Ali soon discovers that Lattimer doesn't exist, but Richard Lowensdale does.  In a cruel game of cyber-stalking, Lowensdale has been using fictitious last names to create bogus romantic relationships with women on the internet.  After leading each to believe he's in love with them, he drops them just when they think they're engaged to him.  When Lowensdale is murdered in his home, everything points to Brenda Riley.

Reynolds finds herself unemployed following her training and sets out to prove that Brenda is innocent.  With a murderer on the loose, Brenda disappears, and Ali teams up with Det. Gil Morris to find her friend and the killer.

Like Jance's other mysteries, FATAL ERROR is a fun, quick read.

ISBN 978-1-4165-6381-5
353 pages

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