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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DRAWING CONCLUSIONS - Guido Brunetti Series No. 20

by Donna Leon - just released in hardcover and eBook

Commissario Guido Brunetti has been called to the apartment of Costanza Altavilla, a widow whose neighbor found her dead in her apartment.  The medical examiner has ruled that a heart attack was the cause of death, but there are marks on Signora Altavilla's body that suggest something worse.  Although it's not an authorized investigation, Brunetti cannot rest until he finds out if there was foul play. 

After questioning Altavilla's neighbors and son, Brunetti discovers that Signora Altavilla has been providing shelter to battered women, as well as visiting people in a nursing home.  Brunetti and Inspector Vianello are further assisted in their investigation by Signorina Elettra, the assistant to Guido's superior, Vice-Questore Patta. 

Ms. Leon gives the reader a glimpse of Italian life and the political system through the eyes of her protagonist.  Brunetti is a happy, complex man, despite his struggles with his superior and his conscience when accepting information gleaned illegally by the ever resourceful Signorina Elettra. 

Buoyed by his love for his family and the City of Venice, Ms. Leon brilliantly paints Brunetti with a cynical brush while maintaining his humanity and love of beauty.  Intelligent and insightful, DRAWING CONCLUSIONS is another wonderful book in the Brunetti series. 

ISBN 978-0-8021-1979-7
260 pages

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